Private Parties
(Notes Anniversary Round Robin)

Notes From the Underground List    6/2002

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Author: The Notes From the Underground List
Pairing: The Whole Freakin' Platoon™
Rating: NC-17 (Is there a doubt with this group?)
Warnings: Same-sex relationships and sexual acts, offensive language, and implied drug use.
Disclaimer: They were abused and cast aside by their original owners. At least we haven't cast them aside. No infringement intended, just fun.
Summary: Transcending the seasons, ALL our favorite guys bond in a bar on Tu Do Street in Saigon.

Dedication: To everyone on the Notes list, on the occasion of our 1st anniversary, June 2002.

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Part 1, Cathay:

Zeke leaned back, balancing the chair on two legs and sipping his beer. The squad, the platoon, the entire team, was on leave and everyone had decided to spend the time together for a change. Usually, they went their separate ways, or split into groups or pairs. But the LT had paid for this place on Tu Do, complete with beads, black light posters, a steady stream of rock, and the thick smoke that passed as atmosphere in Saigon bars. They needed to bond, Myron had said. Drinks were on the LT and the 'special' smokes were in the jar behind the counter, adding considerably to the ambiance.

Johnson shot a worried look at him, his hand running down Zeke's thigh, trying to get him to put the chair down on all fours again. The guy was so cautious. Made Zeke want to lean over and kiss the careful right out of him.

Zeke sighed, and put a hand over Johnson's, directing it where he most wanted it. Felt good.

Everyone was sitting around like this, relaxing right now. Rooms were free in the back for them, but no one was in any hurry. Horn and Hockenbury, Danny and Roo…

Part 2, Mel:

...Taylor, Matsuda, and Baker. Myron leaned back against the bar, having accounted for all his men. It was a thing he found himself doing without volition, always aware of where they were, always keeping a watchful eye on them. After all, he was responsible for them.

For just a moment he let himself feel melancholy, that he could give them this brief respite from the war but not truly let go and join in himself. He and Zeke *comforted* one another on a semi-regular basis, but he'd never touched any of the men. It would have been a flagrant abuse of the no fraternization rule.

*Fuck the no fraternization rule*, Myron thought. About time he took a chance and let himself get closer to the men. Well, one man in particular. His gaze lingered on Horn, his RTO. Months of close proximity in the field had Myron wondering what it'd be like to get horizontal with the man. *Now if only you had the guts to follow through*, he thought wryly.

Just then Horn looked up, laughing at something Roo said, and caught Myron staring at him. Myron smiled slightly and raised an eyebrow inquiringly. Horn looked startled, then blushed.

Part 3, witchbaby:

Myron smiled again. Kept his eyes steady on Horn. Horn was trying to keep up his conversation with Roo and the guys, but he was fighting a losing battle. His attention kept getting drawn to his LT. Myron never let his gaze waver as he pulled out a cigarette, let it dangle loosely between his lips as he dug out his lighter. Lit it, then blew out a slow stream of smoke in Horn's direction.

Horn gave up on his conversation entirely, his gaze fixed on Myron. Myron raised his eyebrows again. An invitation. Horn stood up so fast his chair fell over. He blushed again, fiercely, as the guys jeered at him good-naturedly. Myron gave him one final look before he leaned back against the bar. Took a sip of his beer. Horn would make his way over here, he knew, and then. . .well, then things could get interesting.

Doc watched the proceedings with some amusement. `Bout time the LT had some fun. He let his gaze wander over the room. Grinned, watching Zeke get up and draw Johnson back to a dark corner. All bets were off tonight. Doc settled in closer to Percell, and sighed contentedly.

Part 4, Jenn:

Grabbing the platoon's attention, Taylor quieted everyone down announcing that Alberto had something to say. A special thank you to none other than Lieutenant Myron Goldman for not only bringing them together this evening but for being "the best damned officer the US Army had to offer." As Myron blushed, the bar exploded in a melee of cheers and the distinct clank of chipping beer bottles, but Roo quickly held up his hands.

"Wait, I'm not finished yet," he slurred.

In rare form this evening he proceeded to inform everyone that, while the LT was a real stand up guy for securing the club for this evening's festivities, he had done a shit job of providing the entertainment. So, being the stand up kind of guy that he was he would take it upon himself to rectify the matter.

As the sharp whiny opening guitar riff of an Allman Brothers song filled the room, Alberto climbed up onto a rickety bar stool and slowly, one by one, began to unbutton his shirt.

"This one's for L-T," he grinned, gyrating his hips and Myron choked on his beer.

Part 5, Sassy:

He watched, mesmerized and somewhat embarrassed, as Roo started a wicked strip-tease. He fumbled with his cigarette a little, grateful that all eyes were turning away from him and onto the show.

Then Horn slid up in front of him and leaned on the bar, watching Roo, but standing very close to Myron. Myron grinned and leaned close so he could be heard over all the hooting and catcalls, "What do you think of that?" he asked.

Horn turned to him and said, "Oh, I like a good strip-tease...but I bunk with Roo... I see that all the time..." He looked Myron up and down suggestively. Myron blushed and started looking for his beer.

He took a long gulp of it, and tried to marshall his nerves. He wanted this and he was going to make sure he didn't screw it up. He turned back to Horn...but he was gone. What the fuck? Shit. Myron sighed heavily.

Then he felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around. There was Horn, lighting up a joint. After taking a long drag from it, he handed it to Myron.

"Oh...I don't think..." he started to say. He never even tried that before. But Horn cocked an eyebrow, giving a look of things to come. Myron swallowed hard and reached for the joint.

Part 6, Meryn:

He hadn't tried it, but he'd watched others take "hits" before. He thought he was doing it right - drew the sweet smoke into his lungs,
held it like Horn did... and doubled over in a coughing fit.

Horn was immediately pounding his back. "Breathe, L-T, that's it."

Myron felt all the amused glances on him as he caught his breath. Why was it so different from smoking a cigarette? he wondered, embarrassed by the attention he'd drawn.

In another moment he no longer cared; Horn was now rubbing his back, the contact becoming languid caresses that burned his skin beneath the fatigues shirt. He wanted to feel the other man's hands on him without the barrier of clothes. He craved flesh-to-flesh contact, and his body wanted it now.

Myron looked up and there was no mistaking what he saw in those eyes: Horn wanted it, too. He slid his hand around to Myron's thigh and  squeezed. "C'mon, L-T," he whispered at Myron's ear. "There's rooms in the back, all made up for some fun."

They couldn't just get up and walk back there… Everyone would know.  Myron glanced around, but all he saw were approving looks and nods.

Part 7, Mel:

He was warmed by the genuine acceptance and affection he saw in his men's faces, for once feeling like he truly belonged with them. Horn, seeing Myron's hesitation ease, drew him away from the group and toward the beaded doorway at the back of the bar.

"Alright! L-T's gonna get some," Taylor couldn't resist a parting shot. Myron's eyes flashed with anger and embarassment, but Horn's hand on his back kept him moving.

"It don't mean nothin', L-T," Horn murmured in his ear. "I'm gonna take care of you."

Horn steered Myron to the room furthest back, sensing that Myron would be more comfortable there. Once they'd entered through the curtained doorway, he was pleasantly surprised. Myron shoved him up against the wall and kissed him insistently, tongue probing, hands pulling at his shirt, body pressed against him. Horn quickly responded, grabbing and kneading Myron's ass.

"God, L-T, after all these months of watching your six, couldn't wait to get my hands on it," Horn gasped.

Part 8, Spike Doggy:

Percell looked nervously around the room. What the hell was going on here? Goldman and Horn had disappeared somewhere, Anderson and Johnson were off in a corner doing *something* ... and Doc Hock was looking at him with those doe eyes... Not to mention the fact that everyone was smoking pot! Drugs; that was just too much for him.

He stood. Doc stood.

"What do you want with me?" Percell asked.

Doc looked at him with a slantwise grin. "When was the last time you had a physical, Percell?"

"About four months … hey, wait a minute…?"

"Well, I was just thinkin' we could get out of here. Away from this smoke…"

Now Doc was talking. This was just too much for him. "Yeah, sounds good. How about the Dong Ho down the road? They got great crab legs…"

"I was thinking someplace closer. The back, maybe?"

Hmmm… Maybe Goldman and Horn were playing poker or something back there. He could get in on a game. "Okay! Let's go!"

Doc Hock grinned and slung an arm companionably around Percell's shoulder and led him toward the back. Thank God they were getting out of here! Things were getting so strange…

Part 9, Sassy:

Doc smiled wickedly to himself as he steered Purcell into an empty room. The boy just did not understand what was going on... not in the bar, and not in his own head. It was plain to just about everyone else though. Painfully so for Doc.

"What the hell, Doc? Where is everyone?" asked Danny looking around in confusion, eyes wide. Doc loved those eyes. How had he heard someone describe them?... Oh yeah... like an Alaskan Husky. That fit so well.

Doc was about to explain when a cry of passion drifted through the wall.

Danny grinned knowingly, "They've got girls back here?"

"Danny, Danny, Danny," said Doc, shaking his head and smiling as he moved closer to him, "There's... ah... no girls here. You know what I mean?" He smoothed his hand across Danny's chest to emphasize his point.

Danny's Husky eyes got even wider as he started stepping backwards, "Oh... OH! Wait a minute Doc..."

"Danny, now just calm down... think about it-"

"I have. And I can't!"

"You have?" Doc was truly surprised, "About who? You know, we've kind of noticed the way you idolize Anderson..."

"No... not him..."

Part 10, witchbaby:

The words were all it took to get Myron hot all over. Was it really this easy? He'd been so sure his affections would be unreturned; so sure that he'd imagined the closeness between himself and Horn. But he'd taken the step; he'd actually flirted, and Horn had responded in force. He could hardly believe that he was here, pressed up against Horn, kissing him like this.

It could only get better from here.

This was easy. It was easy to move from kissing Horn's lips to kissing his throat. Horn moaned low and deep. His hands weren't idle, moved between them frantically, actually, to unbutton Myron's shirt, push it back off of his shoulders. Horn's arms clutched at his shoulders. "LT," he breathed, looking into Myron's eyes.

It was still easy, so easy, to fall to his knees.

He got Horn's pants unbuttoned (easy), and it seemed the most natural thing in the world to run his tongue over Horn's erection. Horn's head hit the wall behind him and he let out a moan of utter passion. A shiver ran down Myron's back, and he held Horn's hips tight as he closed his mouth over the head of his cock.

Part 11, Sassy:

This...this was hard, though. Horn's cock was so hard. Myron had no idea he could affect him this way. He wasn't used to having his attentions be so appreciated.

He swirled his tongue around experimentally, not entirely sure what to do, but knowing that anything would be all right. He'd never been so comfortable as with Horn. This kind of caring and acceptance was something he had not encountered before. He paused and looked up at Horn's face... flushed and excited.

Horn blinked and looked down at him, "God that feels great. Do you have any idea how long I've wanted you to do that?"

Myron blushed and lowered his mouth down on Horn's cock again...going as far as he could. He moaned as Horn threaded his fingers through his hair. That contact, that bond, was all he needed to boost his confidence. He began to suck Horn in earnest, now. Licking, swirling, sucking... anything he could think of.

He could feel his own cock straining in his fatigues.

Part 12, Despoena:

Zeke was playing with Johnson's buttons in the dark corner by the bar. Marvin stared deep into his sergeant's azure blue eyes and held his breath. The expressions that ran rampant through those eyes captivated him and transported him to a place far outside the confines of the bar.

"Sarge?" he breathed in anticipation. Those rooms in the back were awfully tempting right now. Zeke's eyes locked with his and a soft groan escaped his lips.

"You're such a good soldier, Johnson, so good in the jungle, totally focused on the task at hand, like that in the bedroom too Marvin?" Anderson questioned softly.

Zeke's words went straight to Johnson's groin and bloomed like a riot of spring flowers. The heat from his lover's gaze suffused him and traced in a fiery current through his veins to the tips of his fingers, resting on Zeke's throat. He could feel the heartbeat there, wild and animal, primal, just like the man before him.

Marvin could barely form coherent thought, but managed words just the same.

"Let's find out..." he gasped and began to draw the older man through the curtain into the back rooms.

Part 13, Sassy:

Doc sat on the edge of the bed, and listened patiently as Danny rambled on about his own confusion, the things he'd thought of... the things he tried not to think of...

It wasn't that Danny had a thing for any one person, it was just that he sometimes had thoughts he'd been taught guys weren't supposed to have. Then he got to 'Nam and spent so much time in such close quarters... and close situations, with men. That's when things got confusing.

Doc smiled at him, "It's OK, Danny. Lots of guys are like that, especially around here, it seems."

"Yeah. I'm kinda gettin' that idea." He turned suddenly and looked at the wall, as moaning, banging, and other mysterious sounds drifted into the room. He looked back at Doc, "What the hell are they doin' over there?"

"Sounds like they're havin' fun to me..." said Doc, going over to stand next to him. He pulled on Danny's arm gently, leading him back to the bed, "Come here... let me show you."

Danny swallowed hard and stood there motionless for a long while. "Oh... *hell*..." he said, and followed hesitantly.

Doc pushed him down onto his back and then climbed up next to him, running his hands gently over Danny's body. "Oh, Danny," he breathed, "I want you so bad I can taste it."

Part 14, Jenn <Johnny obsessed>:

Johnny made his way toward the showers. His brow creased slightly as he passed the Officer's Club.

"Where the hell is everybody? Joint's usually jumping by now," he wondered aloud. "Even Myron's out...." Shrugging, he continued on his way.

Stepping out of his boxers, he submerged himself under the steaming water. "Mmmm, least I get to take a HOT shower for a change," he sighed, the water cascading through his hair and down his face. Picking up the soap, he began to rub it across his chest.

Absently, as he bathed his softened shaft he started stroking himself. Spinning the soap around once again in his free hand, he lifted his cock and squeezed his balls tightly, the slippery lather providing excellent lubrication. His fist tightened.

"Fuck it," he groaned deeply. "You've got the privacy, McKay, enjoy it."

His thrusting picked up, his head falling forward onto the water pipe in front of him. "Fuck, yeah," he breathed as he slipped a finger into his ass.

"Ahem." Johnny's eyes shot open, the soap falling to the floor.

"Sorry, Lieutenant, I hope I'm not interrupting something," William Griner smiled in a similarly naked and slightly harder state. "Mind if I join you?"

Part 15, Mel:

Horn was moaning nonstop now as Myron brought him so close to the edge. His fingers tightened in Myron's hair, tugging painfully on it. "God, L-T, please!"

Suddenly Myron could feel Horn's balls tense and then he was gagging on the hot, bitter liquid. Horn pulled him to his feet and pounded his back once again as he coughed and sputtered. Horn then led him over to the mattress that lay on the bare wood floor and hovered solicitously over him until he was breathing normally again.

Myron irritably waved Horn off, grumbling, "I'm ok, just leave me alone." The minute the words slipped out he froze, knowing he'd said the wrong thing. He could see the hurt in Horn's eyes. Damn, he just wasn't good at this.

"Sorry, L-T. I just thought..." Horn trailed off, not knowing what to say next.

"Look... I'm sorry, Horn. I didn't mean to push you away like that. I just... well, I'm sorry."

Horn brightened considerably. That was the closest thing to an apology he'd ever heard out of his L-T. He leaned in and whispered, "That's ok, L-T. You were fantastic, and now I wanna take care of you. You wanna fuck me?"

Part 16, Sassy:

Johnny recovered instantly, flashing a devilish grin at Griner, "I don't mind if you don't mind." Johnny raked his eyes over the young man's body, lingering on the stiff erection jutting out from his body. "I definitely do not mind."

Griner smirked and stepped under the water Johnny already had running rather than start his own. He knelt down to pick up the soap Johnny had dropped, his face passing mere inches from Johnny's cock, then stood up and started washing himself.

Johnny let out a long low whistle, "Aren't you a cocky little son of a bitch?"

"I never got anything I wanted by bein' shy..."

"I like the way you think," grinned Johnny, pulling Griner into a rough kiss as he backed him up to the wall, grinding against him.

Griner's arms wrapped tightly around him, and Johnny gasped as he felt Griner push two fingers into his ass, moving them slowly. "Oh *fuck* that's good!...I've gotta have you *now*..."

They hastily switched places so Johnny could lean against the wall. Griner placed the head of his cock against Johnny's opening and started to enter him slowly.

"Oh, god...hurry up, Griner... do it hard," panted Johnny. Griner shoved it home and they both moaned out loud, immediately starting up a fast rhythm of fucking.

Part 17, Cathay:

Randy drank, inhaling second-hand smoke, and trying to figure out what was going on in a certain dark corner. An occasional whisper reached his curious ears, but that was all. Certainly, they wouldn't? Not in the bar….

Sudden movement, and Johnson was pulling Zeke through the beaded curtains to the back. Randy didn't like the look of that at all.

He was breaking every rule, interfering like this, but he couldn't help himself. Zeke meant too much to him.

Randy's eyes widened as he reached the hallway. Marvin hadn't waited to get into one of the rooms; he had Zeke up along a wall, grinding against him. That wasn't like Marvin at all. So, what Randy was about to do was a favor for his friend, Marvin. Saving him from doing something that he'd regret tomorrow.

Must be all that smoke.

Marvin bought Randy's story about having to check some of Zeke's wounds reluctantly, but he did go back to the bar. Zeke silently followed Randy into an empty room and closed the door.

"I don't believe I did that to a friend," Randy whispered.

"It don't mean nothing, Doc," Zeke's hand stroked his arm. "Gotta look after yourself, too."

Part 18, Spike Doggy:

Percell nervously lifted his arms over his head, letting Doc rip the shirt from his chest.

"Big boy," Doc said appreciatively.

"I, uh, played a lot of football in school…"

Doc didn't wait for him to finish before diving onto Percell's nipples, sucking, pulling, tugging. By the moans coming out of Danny, he seemed to be enjoying it. Immensely.

Then: "Hey."


"Did you hear that?"


"Coming from out in the bar area."


"Sounded like a goat."

"There's always a goat. Now shut up and kiss me."

Doc arched up and touched his mouth to Percell's. The young Spec-4 fumbled, moving his mouth oddly against Doc's as if not knowing where things went.

"You ever do this before, boy?"

"Yeah," Percell protested. "Just, you know, not with a guy."

"All right. Stay real still. Let it happen."

Percell had no choice. By the look in his eyes – so devilish underneath that innocence – Percell *wanted* no choice. Doc leaned in, kissed slowly. Firmly. Percell found his tongue tentatively, then explored Doc's mouth with more gusto. This wasn't any different than breaking the offensive line back home. And there was a lot less resistance.

Doc broke the kiss, gasping for breath. "Bravo, Danny. Bravo."

Percell smiled up at him. "Thanks." Then: "A goat in a *bar*?"

Part 19, Jenn:

"What do you mean, a party? How come I wasn't invited?"

William wrapped the towel around Johnny's waist from behind and kissed the back of his neck. "Because I told Goldman not to," he whispered in his ear. "Told him..." Griner worked the towel between Johnny's legs, peering over the pilot's shoulder as the movements made Johnny's cock bounce around. "...that I had my own party planned for you."

Johnny's head fell back against Griner's shoulder as the towel found its way between his ass cheeks. Then Griner was on his knees pushing Johnny forward once again.

"How long have you... mmmm... been planning... this?" Griner kissed Johnny's hole, his tongue lapping around the puckered rim.

Johnny's head lolled to one side. "Oh God, yeah, do that..."

Griner grabbed Johnny's smooth sac in his hand then squeezed as he began milking Johnny's cock, pulling back the stiff meat occasionally to lick the underside from base to tip before going back to the hot throbbing crevice. Forcefully, he stuck his tongue inside making Johnny moan and push back hard.

With one last lollipop lick, Griner stood up and spun Johnny around. "Been wanting to get at you since I stepped off the bus."

Part 20, Sassy:

"Danny, if ya want me to get the goat for you, I will... or you can shut up about it and have me..." Doc smirked at him.

Danny rolled his eyes and said, "Oh... I'll take you."

"That is what I've been hopin' for all evening." Doc got up and ripped his shirt off, tossing it on the floor and starting to unbutton his pants.

Danny sat up suddenly, looking startled, "Whoa, Doc. Hey, I don't even know what I'm doin' here."

Doc smiled and leaned down to kiss him, "You... get to do what you've always done. Assuming you spent your time with girls in the usual way." Doc dropped his pants and stepped out of them, but kept his shorts on, not wanting to make Danny any more uncomfortable.

Doc got a somewhat reluctant Danny out of his pants and pushed him back down on the bed, climbing up after him. He ran his hand over the bulge in Danny's shorts, causing him to gasp shakily. Immediately, he bent down and started mouthing Danny's cock through the thin material. He was horny as hell, and determined to speed things up. Danny moaned and writhed beneath him.

"Now, are you gonna let me take your shorts off?" Doc grinned.

"Fuck, yeah... Are you gonna take yours off?

"Now you're talkin', boy." Doc stripped them both with a shit-eating grin.

Part 21, witchbaby:

Myron found himself sputtering again. His RTO was the most *forward* man he had ever met. Well. That wasn't entirely true. Zeke was quite pushy when it came right down to it too. Did *everyone* in this man's army have more experience than he did?

Horn was grinning at him. "C'mon, LT, it's an easy question."

Oh, but this boy needed to be taken down a few notches. Myron dropped his eyes, fidgeted. "I – I don't know, Horn."

Horn was immediately beside him on the mattress, looking contrite. He hovered anxiously, not quite touching, seeming afraid that things had gone too far. "LT, if you wanna stop, you just say so."

Myron looked up at Horn through his eyelashes. Blinked shyly. Then moved swiftly, flipping Horn over onto his back on the bed, straddled him and held him down by his wrists. Pressed his still-aching erection against him. Horn's eyes widened in surprise. Myron leaned down close to him, let his lips barely brush against Horn's. His voice was low and held a tinge of danger. "Oh, I'll tell you what I want, Horn. Or, better yet," and now he kissed Horn, hard and deep. Pulled back only slightly for a breath. "...I'll just show you."

Part 22, Cathay:

Zeke didn't see himself as a damsel to be fought over, so he had to grin at the scene between Randy and Marvin.

Randy was flustered, and Marvin was - horny. Marvin's brain had short-circuited via his groin; he wasn't thinking. Zeke needed a physical in the middle of a party? There were some checkups going on back here, but not of the medical variety.

The kid's heart was in the right place; he didn't want to stand in the way of Zeke's medical care. Kinda sweet.

Randy looked like he wanted to bolt now that he had Zeke to himself. His eyes were wide and he was breathing like the VC were after him. He needed to relax.

Hell, they all did.

That was the point of this get-together, but it wouldn’t work if Randy was upset over betraying a friend and Marvin came to his senses and realized he'd been taken. And not the way he wanted to be.

Zeke had to do something to set things right. But what? He looked around for inspiration.

The door swung back, slamming into the wall, and Marvin burst into the room.

"Hey! What you mean, a checkup?"

Yep, Zeke thought fondly, that's my boy.

Part 23, Mel:

Horn looked dazed, but pleased. "Whatever you say, L-T."

"Now get naked," Myron growled.

Myron then stood beside the mattress, wrestling with the buttons of his fatigue pants, frantically shoving them down his legs. Horn, stirred to action, wriggled out of his pants and kicked them off and away.

Myron sank to his knees on the mattress between Horn's legs. He stroked Horn's thighs, then lowered himself so they were finally touching skin to skin. It felt incredible. Horn clutched at him, wrapping his legs around Myron's, stroking his hands down Myron's back and ass. Myron took Horn's mouth again, tongue plunging into the moist warmth, swallowing Horn's moans. 

Myron let one of his hands drift down, caressingly, to Horn's hip, then around to his ass, until he slipped a finger into Horn. Horn thrust up against Myron, grinding their cocks together.

"L-T, there's some oil next to the bed..."

Horn, with his longer reach, snagged the oil and pressed it into Myron's hand. Myron shakily poured some over his fingers and cock, then pressed two more fingers into Horn.

Horn writhed and moaned under him. His eyes pleaded with Myron to get on with it.

Part 24, Sassy:

Johnny kissed him soundly and broke into a shit-eating grin, "We need to go somewhere more private." He shoved Griner's towel at him and barely let him get it on, before he was pulling the young soldier across the dark compound to his hootch.

They were no sooner through the door, when Griner grabbed Johnny and stuck his tongue down his throat. Johnny moaned loudly and pushed him down on the bed, falling on top of him, necking gleefully. He'd never met a guy that matched his own enthusiasm for sex before, and he could hardly contain his excitement.

They tossed the towels away and writhed naked on the bed, groping each other and panting for air. Johnny felt Griner's hands on his ass, and moaned when he started to finger his opening again.

"No, no, no..." he mumbled, reluctantly pulling his mouth away from Griner's. "It's your turn now. Wanna be fucked or sucked?" He pinned Griner to the bed and rubbed his cock against him.

"Well, shit...I want both," smirked Griner. "But you can start with the sucking."

"You got it!" Johnny kissed him hard, then started working his way down Griner's neck and chest, rapidly reaching his goal. He licked Griner's stiff cock all over, enjoying the clean, spicy taste of him. Griner gasped and bucked his hips, reaching down to stroke Johnny's hair. Johnny smiled and lowered his mouth down on Griner, taking him all the way to the back of his throat, making Griner moan excitedly.

Part 25, witchbaby:

This was complicated. But hell, he was a sergeant and keepin' his men steady was part of his job. Granted, this was *supposed* to be a party. . .well, hell. These kids worried so much, went through such hell all the time. Zeke guessed it was real hard for them to take much of anything lightly.

He sure did have his hands full here. Marvin, looking between Zeke and Randy, trying to figure out what exactly was going on here. Boy was buildin' up a head full of steam, so hot 'n riled already. Things could turn nasty. Zeke beckoned him over, and Marvin walked over to him slowly, his eyes on Randy, still unsure. Zeke took him by the shoulder, gave him a little shake. "Hey," he said softly, then waited till Marvin met his eyes. Zeke gave him a crooked grin and a raised eyebrow. Marvin let out a breath and smiled back. He wasn't sure exactly what was happening here, but he had an implicit trust in his sergeant.

Zeke drew him close, kissed him soundly, and Marvin let out a moan of contentment. There, thought Zeke. First bomb defused. He drew back from Marvin slowly. Looked over towards where Randy was watching them. His eyes looked defeated, but he straightened his shoulders. Met Zeke's look. "Okay, I get it, guys." Randy took a breath. Opened the door, and turned to leave, then turned back for just a second. Smiled a little. "You guys got something kind of special, I guess. Shouldn't mess with that." He backed out of the room, closed the door softly, leaned against it for a moment, before straightening up and heading back towards the bar, his steps determined. There were more fish in the sea, and he intended to find himself one.

Part 26, TexasAries2:

Slipping a third finger in Roger, Myron enjoying the feel of the tight heat caressing his fingers. Roger was moaning and begging for Myron to hurry, but Myron needed Roger to know that this wasn't just about sex that he cared a lot for him… maybe it was love… maybe not.

Removing his finger Myron breached Roger's entrance pausing as Roger arched his back in both pain and pleasure. Gripping Roger's tear streak face he forced Roger to look into his eyes. "Roger, have you done this before."

Roger panted, "No… but… I… want… this."

Myron looking down Roger and fell hopeless in love. This wonderful man gave him the gift of his virginity. Gently petting Roger, Myron told him, "Shush baby, I love you. Just breath and push down let me make you feel so good."

As Roger relaxed Myron slowly rocked into the most heavenly place he had ever been. Not even Zeke felt as good. Pausing for a minute to kiss and encourage Roger waiting for him to adjust then slow withdrew before slide home again and again hitting Roger's prostate on each stroke. Myron continued to pound into Roger feeling the beautiful body beneath him tense.

Part 27, Mel and witchbaby:

Horn arched up, forcing Myron deeper into him. He was lost in this fantasy of playing the virgin to Myron's ravisher. Myron was obviously loving it too, as he slammed over and over into him.

Horn gasped out, "Fuck, L-T, I'm gonna come..."

Myron tensed and came hard, and Horn soon followed. Myron collapsed on top of him, and they lay gasping for breath. Eventually Horn pushed Myron off him onto the mattress. They both lay on their backs, panting, gradually calming.

Finally Myron turned to Horn with a big grin. "Virgin, huh?"

Horn shrugged and smirked. "What, not too convincing?"

They looked at each other and broke into helpless laughter.

Finally calming, Horn said, "Something tells me this wasn't your first time, either."

Myron smiled ruefully. "My first blowjob, but, yeah, I've fucked a guy before."

Horn grinned. "That wouldn't be the Sarge, would it? We figured you two were pretty tight."

"Is it that obvious?"

"Well, yeah. But we always wondered who got to be on top," Horn teased.

Myron's face reddened, eyes flashing in annoyance. "Don't you guys have anything better to talk about? Maybe I should give you more KP."

Part 28, witchbaby and Mel:

Horn raised his hands appeasingly. "Now, L-T, don't take it that way. We just like to think that the Sarge is taking good care of you."

Myron, not wanting to give in too easily, grumbled, "Zeke sees it as part of his MOS. Giving his L-T what he needs so he doesn't self-destruct. He figures if I fuck him I won't need the bottle so much."

Horn grinned and slapped Myron's ass. "At least he taught you a few tricks in the process. I sure don't have any complaints. And I'd like to return the favor sometime."

Myron leaned forward and ran his tongue around Horn's ear. Horn moaned and clutched at Myron's shoulders. Myron then bent lower and swirled his tongue over Horn's nipple. He moved down Horn's body, kissing and licking, and took the head of Horn's cock in his mouth, sucking softly on it.

"You're a fast learner, L-T," Horn panted.

Myron just smiled, letting Horn's cock slip out of his mouth. He rolled over onto his stomach, then looked back over his shoulder invitingly. "There's no time like the present."

Horn lost no time complying with his L-T's suggestion. Myron knew he'd be sore the next day, but it was worth it. The rest of the night passed in a haze of sex and passion.

~ The End ~ (For Myron and Horn)

Part 29, Jenn:

Johnny wedged his hands beneath Griner's ass and took him to the root. Twisting and pulling, he worked his tight lips up and down Griner's dick. "Holy fuck, LT," Griner panted, his legs beginning to tremble, falling open as he pumped harder. "Shit! Oh yeah!"

Johnny pulled back, the bulbous tip popping free from his lips as he began to stroke the stiff meat, his eyes thick with lust. "Get up, boy," he whispered headily, his mouth moist and glistening.

Without argument, Griner allowed McKay to lead him over to Goldman's bed where he was pushed down onto his hands. Johnny continued fondling him with one hand as he smacked his ass hard with the other. Johnny smirked mischievously to himself as he licked his middle finger and teased Griner's hole.

"You sure we should be doing this, Lieutenant McKay? I mean, isn't Lieutenant Goldman gonna' be pissed if we mess up his bed?"

Johnny smiled as he ran his cock up and down Griner's crevice, the thought of pissing off Goldman making his dick throb painfully. Johnny thrust in and Griner moaned. Dropping his head against Goldman's pillow, Griner pushed back, the sweet scent of Myron filling his senses.

Part 30, witchbaby:

Doc was right. This was kinda like it was with girls. A little. Doc's body against his, pressing against him. The heavy weight on him was exciting. Different. Doc's movements were urgent. He was kissing Danny hard, delving into his mouth, and Danny thought again that his taste was something totally amazing. Doc tasted musky, hot, masculine. Again, different.

Maybe this wasn't so much like it was with girls.

But it wasn't bad. Having Doc on top of him, limbs sprawling, hands grasping, drawing Danny closer, and Danny was beginning to see just how much fun this could be. Heart beating wildly, he released his clench on Doc's shoulders, hesitantly ran his hands down Doc's back, letting them come to rest on his ass.

"Christ, yeah, Danny, that's it," Doc said breathlessly, looking down at Danny. "Anything you want, you got it."

Danny gave him a slow smile. Experimentally, he pulled Doc down hard against him, at the same time as he arched up. Doc gasped. "Now you're getting the hang of things. I like your style, kid."

Danny was getting real interested in where things might go from here. "Just following your lead, Doc." He bit his lip. "What happens next?"

The look Doc gave him was measuring. He licked his lips. "Well, I have an idea or two. . ."

Danny squeezed Doc's ass again, and pressed up, let him feel how hard he was. "Show me," he breathed.

Part 31, Sassy:

Griner rocked again and again onto Johnny's cock, nearly overcome with the intensity of it all. He groaned loudly as Johnny's strong hands gripped his hips forcefully, pumping into him, filling him completely and driving him wild. "Oh fuck...oh fuck..." He was moaning under his breath without even realizing.

Johnny slid his hands around Griner's waist and pulled him upright until he was sitting on Johnny's lap, still impaled on his cock. He crossed one arm over his chest to hold him up, and began stroking Griner's erection with his other hand. "Griner, I swear you are the sweetest fuck I have *ever* had..." Johnny gasped in his ear.

Griner moaned loudly, letting his head fall back onto Johnny's shoulder. He managed to support his weight on his knees, but had to let Johnny's secure embrace hold him up. Johnny's hand worked his cock rapidly, and within minutes he was wailing and panting as his climax tore out of him, hot and sharp. He grasped Johnny's thighs, and flushed as his cum shot out over Goldman's pillow and blanket.

As soon as he'd come, Johnny let go of Griner's cock and wrapped his arm around his waist, holding him forcefully in his arms as he fucked up into him with total abandon. He sped up, and then with several fierce thrusts he came, groaning against Griner's shoulder. When he was satisfied, he pushed Griner down onto his back and dropped on top of him, kissing him hungrily. "This is the best damn surprize party I've ever had. And you can bet your sweet ass, we're gonna do it again..."

"Sure thing LT - just as soon as I catch my breath."

~ The End ~  (For Johnny and Griner)

Part 32, Sassy:

Doc's eyes grew darker, "Danny...I'll show you everything, if you let me." He rubbed against Danny, moaning. Then he leaned across the bed and grabbed the bottle of oil sitting there.

Danny watched wide eyed, as Doc poured some of it into his hand, and then reached down to coat Danny's cock with it. Danny sighed at the cool touch. Then Doc climbed over him, bending down to kiss him hard, before sitting up on his knees. "What are you gonna do, Doc?"

Doc smiled, "I think you're gonna like this..." He positioned himself above Danny's erection, and started to ease himself down onto it, moving slowly and carefully, until he settled on Danny's hips. His face was flushed and his eyes squeezed shut. "Oh...yeaahhh..." he whispered.

"Holy shit, Doc..." Danny gripped Doc's thighs, and strained against the slippery heat surrounding him.

Doc rose up slightly and began riding Danny, bracing himself on Danny's shoulders. Danny could barely control himself as he pushed up into Doc's tight body. Both men were panting and moaning, grasping at each other. They quickly escalated to a rapid pace, fucking wantonly, focused only on pleasure.

Doc groaned loudly and grabbed Danny's hand, bringing it to his throbbing cock, "Please, Danny..." he gasped.

Danny wrapped his hand around Doc and stroked him swiftly, mesmerized by his own actions. Suddenly, Doc cried out and came fiercely, hanging his head, and Danny, overwhelmed by it all, came right after, bucking and moaning. They continued to move together slowly, until they could catch their breath and calm down.

Doc climbed off and lay down next to him, caressing his chest and kissing his skin. He sighed with satisfaction, "What did ya think?"

"I'm sure as hell glad I chose you over the goat," said Danny, smiling, making Doc laugh out loud.

~ The End ~  (For Danny and Doc)

Part 33, witchbaby and Mel:

As Randy passed the last doorway before entering the bar, an arm snaked out and yanked him into the darkened room. He stumbled in the darkness, felt a pair of arms pull him close. Then a hot, demanding mouth descended on his, wiping away any lingering regrets about Zeke.

The kiss ended slowly, and a voice whispered close to his ear, "What do you think, Doc? Bet I can take care of *all* your troubles. You just lay back and let Marcus "Love Machine" Taylor show you a good time."

Randy grabbed Taylor's ass, pulled him close in the darkness. "I've got a few things I'd like to show you myself."

"Wanna play doctor? Bet you give a helluva shortarm inspection," Taylor breathed into his ear.

Randy brought one hand around to press against Taylor's already-prominent erection. "Yeah, you're feeling quite warm to me. Better get you to bed."

"Ummmm... Doc, you got the magic touch. Let's ditch the clothes and get down to business. Can't wait to get my hands on that nice little ass of yours."

Randy was already in action, pulling his shirt off over his head at the same time as he maneuvered Taylor over towards the bed. "Uh unh, Taylor. I'd be remiss in my responsibility as a medical professional if I didn't do a thorough exam of yours first."

"Anything you say, Doc." He stripped down efficiently, and Randy couldn't help but stare at his sizable erection. Taylor grinned widely, and helpfully reached to undo Randy's pants.

Randy shivered, thinking of all the times Taylor'd bragged about his sexual prowess. Well, he'd soon find out for himself. Taylor pushed him down on the bed, and yanked his pants off.

Taylor wasted no time, immediately lowering himself onto Randy, kissing his way down his neck, his chest, and hesitating not at all before running his tongue over the length of Randy's now-throbbing erection. "God, Taylor," Randy gasped.

Taylor looked up and raised an eyebrow. "Oh, Doc, you ain't seen *nothin'* yet. Just turn me over and it'll feel like you're fuckin' a piece of heaven."

Randy groaned. "Taylor, you are unbelievable."

Taylor ran his tongue over Randy's cock once more. "But ain't you just dyin' to find out if I'm right?"

Randy pushed Taylor face down onto the mattress and knelt between his legs. With practiced skill he slipped a finger into Taylor, and went straight for his prostate. There *were* advantages to studying anatomy.

Taylor gasped, "Yeah, that's it, Doc. But I bet you can do even better." He got to his knees, pressing back against Randy's hand. "I want you in me, *now*."

Randy, unable to hold back any longer, buried himself in Taylor with one thrust. He gasped at the intense, tight heat surrounding his cock.

Taylor wriggled his ass impatiently. "Come on, Doc, give it to me!"

Randy grasped Taylor's hips and ground into him. Taylor moaned loudly, said, "Now you're gettin' the hang of- ummmph!" It turned into a groan as Randy pulled back and thrust into him hard. Hmm, seemed he had finally found a way to shut Taylor up.

~  The End  ~  (For Matsuda and Taylor)

Part 34, Cathay:

Marvin contained his anxiety as he pushed Zeke's clothing out of the way. The jacket went first, weighted funny and thudding to the ground. He'd have to investigate later. The t-shirt. Marvin liked Zeke in the sleeveless t-shirt he had designed for himself, but Zeke paraded around like that all the time. Marvin was on a mission here.

The t-shirt fell to the floor. Marvin reached for the fatigues.

"Whoa, boy," Zeke said in that wonderful smooth voice that sent jolts of electricity up Marvin's spine every time. Their hands met at the buttons. "Whatcha doin'?"

"What you mean?" Marvin's eyes sought Zeke's. "Just want these off and you turned over."

Zeke grinned.

Marvin blushed. He wasn't up for games right now, sexual or otherwise. Maybe later. Right now it was - business.

Pushing Zeke's hands away, the fatigues were off almost immediately. Marvin pushed Zeke down to the pillows and rolled him over on his side, allowing a view of the fresh scar over Zeke's kidney.

"Are you all right? You didn't tell me!"

Zeke twisted around to look at him again. "You worry too much. Come on down here and I'll show you how all right I am."

Part 35, Mel:

Zeke then pulled Marvin over to him, kissed him slow and deep. Mmmm, the boy was so sweet. Being loved by him was purely a pleasure. He took every care to make sure it was good.

Hands gently turned Zeke over onto his belly, tucking a pillow under him. Zeke sighed, pillowed his head on his arms, and spread his legs. Marvin knelt behind him, hands kneading and caressing Zeke's back and ass, lips and tongue gently tracing a path down his spine to the small of his back.

Then Zeke felt calloused, slick fingers part his cheeks. One pressed inside, gently stretching him. Soon another was added, infinitely patient yet inexorably opening him. Finally a third.

"You okay, Sarge?" he heard Johnson anxiously ask. "You ready for me?"

"Hell yes, Johnson. I been ready since you laid me down here. How about gettin' on with it?"

"Sorry, Sarge, I don't wanna hurt you. Want it to be good for you." Marvin sounded a tad hurt by Zeke's impatience. A moment later Zeke felt Johnson's cock slowly begin to press into him.

"It's always good with you, Marvin," Zeke soothed him.

Appeased for the moment, Johnson began a slow rhythm, the kind he could keep up for seemingly hours. The boy had amazing stamina and control, almost scary in someone so young. Zeke relaxed, knowing he could just lie there and enjoy himself while Marvin did all the work.

Suddenly he heard laughter from across the hall. Sounded like Myron and Horn were having a good time. He smiled fondly, and softly laughed, thinking about his fiery young L-T.

"What's so funny?" Marvin breathed in his ear.

"Oh, nothin' much. Just thinkin' about the L-T."

Abruptly Johnson thrust into him a little harder.

"Hey, now," Zeke warned him.

"You should be thinkin' about me, not him," Johnson huffed. He knew he had no exclusive claim on Zeke, hell, Zeke had *taken care* of most of the squad at one time or another, but it didn't make him feel any less jealous. Especially of the L-T, whose difficult nature required a lot of nurturing.

"I was just comparin' his technique to yours," Zeke said with a sly grin. 


"So, makin' love with you is sweet and slow and hot."

"And the L-T?" Marvin hated himself for asking, but he had to know.

"Wham-bam thank you ma'am. 'Course, the only time he fucks me is when he's all worked up and full of piss and vinegar." Zeke smiled ruefully. "Sometimes I like that, but not *every* time."

Mollified, Marvin shifted his angle slightly and nailed Zeke's prostate, causing him to groan and squirm under him. He then returned to his previous easy rhythm, slowly building to a climax that had Zeke writhing under him, then coming hard.

After he'd tended to Zeke, Johnson spooned up behind him and wrapped his arms around him. They fell asleep together, blissfully sated.

~ The End ~   (For Zeke and Johnson)

Part 36, Jenn:

Ruiz grabbed a napkin off of the bar and blotted his forehead and chest. He was down to his boxers but the music had stopped. Whomever had been feeding the juke box had apparently run out of dimes.

Shakily climbing off of the bar, he slipped on a slick of ash and bourbon and stumbled into Baker's arms. Scott's face was serious, not smiley like it normally was and he held Ruiz tight.

His large hands were wrapped around Alberto, one under his legs and the other around his back, the palm of his hand completely covering a stiff, dark nipple. "Hey, Baker," Roo smiled drunkenly. His face fell however as he looked around the empty bar.

"Guess I scared the guys off with my strip tease, huh?"

That famous Baker grin returned and he nuzzled Roo's ear. "Nah man, they all got so hot they had to… you know," he blushed furiously.

"No man, I don't. They had to what?"

"I can't say it, man. It's too embarrassing." Baker eyed the back room and decided it was probably way too crowded in there. Using his elbow, he cleared off a table and laid Ruiz down. "But I can show you…."

~THE END~ (Really, I mean it this time.)


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