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Computer virus hoaxes and urban legends:

These two items strike e-mail lists with alarming regularity, and clog members' mailboxes with unwanted e-mail.  Next time you get an e-mail from a frantic friend, telling you about a new computer virus, or worm, or trojan horse, check out one of these sites before you do anything else.   It'll tell you if the threat is for real, or a hoax.
Next time you get an e-mail stating that Congress (or the Canadian Government) is about to impose a 5 surcharge per e-mail, or that there's a child out there dying of cancer who would like everyone to e-mail him or her, or send him or her a card, check with this website.  All manner of urban hoaxes and legends are listed here.  So before you clog up others' e-mail boxes with this sort of thing, please take the time to check whether it's legit.

Other Tour of Duty fanfic:
Our own Creed Cascade is proprietess and head lunatic.  Fanfic archive for a variety of fandoms including Tour of Duty fanfic written by Creed Cascade and TJ.
Fanfic archive for DC and Doc's Tour of Duty fanfic.  Also includes guest authors.
Sassy's Smut Emporium - fanfic archive including Sassy's Tour of Duty fanfic.
Huge listing of a variety of fanfic sites for many fandoms.
ToD fanfic (mostly gen and some slash) from the Firebase Ladybird Yahoo group. Recently overhauled and given a new home. Will not be updated, but is a source of older ToD fanfic.

Writing fanfic:

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Marvellous resource for fanfic writers.  Very humorous yet helpful lessons about what makes a fanfic great or awful.  If you've ever wondered what a Mary Sue is, an excellent discussion can be found here.  All fanfic written exclusively for this site, and accompanied by analyses of what makes them so dreadful.  Be entertained while you learn. <g> (
Dr. Merlin's Guide to Fan Fiction - some tips on writing fanfic, including links to other useful websites.
The Big List of Fanfic Peeves - aimed at slash writers in particular, although useful for any fanfic writer.
THE IDIOM CONNECTION: English Idioms & Quizzes
Nice source to find explanations and examples of those pesky idioms that the English language is chock full of.  (Yes, I know I ended a sentence with a preposition.)
This site is the online home of the OWLS service, where Oxford's dictionary editors answer inquiries from the general public about the English language. Click here to read more about it. provides the most comprehensive and authoritative portal for language & language-related products and services on the web with more than 1800 dictionaries with more than 250 languages.
Another site with portals to a wide variety of dictionaries.  It allows you to use wildcard characters to look up words you're not sure how to spell.  For example, "subtly".  If you're not sure how to spell it, you might type in "sub*y".  Finally, the answer to the age-old problem: how do you look up a word you don't know how to spell?  (Thanks to Cath for providing this example.)  The search engine looks in all the dictionaries, but you can specify a choice as well.

Tour of Duty scripts:

Click here for a list of available scripts.
27 episodes, including the script for an unreleased pilot episode.  [Note: it appears that the script for the unreleased pilot is very little different from the actual pilot episode.]

Tour of Duty websites:
Contains character biographies, detailed episode guide, other resources, and eventually a timeline for the series.  Under construction and new material is always being added.  Most of the material has been researched and written by DC, with contributions from Lee Russell, military advisor to Tour of Duty, 1987-1990.   Invaluable resource for fanfic writers.
Olympian Stables: our own Despoena's website. Contains art based on Tour of Duty, among other things.

Bravo344 is an open project for the Tour of Duty fan community, containing episode transcripts, press articles, a soundtrack listing with download links, things related to the Vietnam War, and more! Sections of the site are editable (“wiki”) web pages that anyone can make additions or corrections to, from their own computer. is designed, owned, and maintained by Erika.
The official Terence Knox website.  Great vidcaps and photos, articles and clippings, filmography, plus TK's answers to some fans' questions.  Also news on TK's latest projects.
The home of Biblio's Tour of Duty slash fanfiction.
Pictures, articles, short cast bios, models/kits, and more.
Episode guide, pictures, sound files, background info on the show, fanfiction.
episode guide, interviews with cast members and advisors, pictures, articles, "where are they now" section

Tour of Duty scripts: click here for a list of available scripts.

This site includes information about and specifications for the various configurations of the ubiquitous Bell UH-1 Huey helicopter, including those used in the Vietnam War.   There are a number of useful pictures.
This site includes information about the various medals given out by the Army, such as those presented to the squad in various episodes.
This site is a resource for Vietnam re-enactors, collectors, and living history groups.   It includes a database with standard equipment lists and photos for the US Army and USMC.  Recent topics include an illustrated article on hand signals used by infantrymen.  Under the Vietnam Resource portion of the website there are links to information on platoon roles, squad roles, and patrol organization, among other things.   Very useful reference.  There is a glossary of terms and abbreviations that may be especially useful:
This is a link to Lee Russell's website, which contains  information on technical matters connected with the Vietnam war, including weaponry, communications, organization, etc. (Under Construction)  Mr. Russell was Tour of Duty's military advisor from 1987-1990.
War-era maps of Vietnam.  If you continue to click on sections of the maps, you can get down to a level where terrain is marked as well as such details as towers, prisons, and the racetrack in Saigon.  It does take a long time to load each map, but it you want detail, they are very nice maps.  (Supplied by Cath)

Army Code of Conduct
As a member of the Armed Forces of the United States... it is your duty to oppose all enemies of the US in combat or, if a captive, in a prisoner of war compound. Your behavior is guided by the Code of Conduct, which has evolved from the heroic lives, experiences and deeds of Americans from the Revolutionary War to the Southeast Asian Conflict... (taken from the introduction on the website)
Vietnam photo album: t
his site contains many photos, most taken by American servicemen.  Wonderful resource for writers wanting to know what a location looked like, or just getting an overall feel for the country and the conflict.
Vietnam Veteran's Terminology and Slang - excellent site and not sanitized.
American women in the Vietnam War.  This page is dedicated to the Red Cross, Special Services, Army Nurse Corps, and other civilian and military women.
Information about women's roles in the US military during the Vietnam War. Some excellent links provided.
Site about Company L (Rangers) 75th Infantry.
Legal guide to the issue of gays in the US military
Great all-around site about the military - excellent description of rank insignia, medals, links, pictures for downloading

From emmastark:
Not sure how good it is.
USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association -- a great site for info about helicopters in Vietnam. Includes a lot of excellent pictures of choppers (and pilots) in action during the war.
War-Stories -- you might need sunglasses to look at the front page, but the memories of the soldiers are worth reading.
The National Center for PTSD -- there are lots of sites on this subject that might be of interest, this is just one of them. Check out the links page or do a search for more.
Vietnam -- Yesterday and Today. A site by a community college teacher that has a great listing of books and other materials on the Vietnam War. Recommended.

Courtesy of DC's hubby:
Principals of firearms

Courtesy of Doc LaVigne:  These sites discuss the meaning of the Ace of Spades some of the soldiers wore in the bands of their helmets.

Sites dedicated to the dogs and dog handlers who served in Vietnam:

Source for medical fanfic writers - handy resource for those hurt/comfort stories <g>

Great source for information on the mechanics of gay sex: includes the illustrated sex tips for slash writers informational web pages, and a searchable database of sex tips for slash writers.  Also includes a link to the Slash Page Database Project, where you can search for other slash-related web pages in a variety of fandoms.
The Society for Human Sexuality's web page.  "We are a social and educational organization whose purpose is to promote understanding and appreciation for the many forms of adult intimate relationships and consensual sexual expression."  Great resource for information.

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